CCNA 200-301 (NEW)

CCNA 200-301 (NEW)

This new course covers the foundation of networking knowledge and skills that you need to kick start your career in networking. The course covers network accesses, IP connectivity, network fundamentals, network automation, and more. We have designed this course aligning with the objectives of the Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification and will help you to clear the exam. Under this course, you will learn about:

  • Hands-on experience about Cisco CCNA troubleshooting and configuration through our practice labs
  • Knowledge and skills that you need to pass the new Cisco CCNA exam.
  • Explore everything about how switching and routing technologies work in the real world
  • Skills to deal with enterprise production networks.
  • Network basics, IPv6, IPv4, routing, and switching

Go for it and obtain your CCNA certification

Our CCNA course, which is designed by a Cisco networking expert, covers all the topics that candidates need to prepare for Cisco’s 200-301 New CCNA examination. For a full list of topics, you can go through the curriculum. However, the major sections are:

  • Routing and switching essentials
  • Network fundamentals
  • Scaling networks
  • Security fundamentals
  • Network programmability and automation

Currently, we are providing these courses. Check out our YouTube channel for a sample video

This covers the OSI model, IPv4, TCP header, and more.

You will learn about IPv4 subnetting, routing, OSPF, and more.

This section deals with NAT, Quality of Services, DHCP, SNMP, and more.

It includes fundamentals of cloud computing, containers, virtual machines, and cloud connectivity.

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