CCNA 200-301

The course prepared by Sikandar Shaik includes more than 400 videos and around 50 hours of content related to the CCNA 200-301 Certification exam.

Network Automation And Programmability

Under this, you will learn about the process of network automation through 70 videos and 10 hours of content. It also includes labs or PPT workbooks.

CCNA ENCOR 350-401

It covers around 400 videos made by Sikandar Shaik, and the total content duration is more than 50 hours. Call us for more details.


Recorded by Sikandar Shaik, the CCNP CCIE Security course includes 40 hours of content with more than 250 videos. Go for it now.

Enterprise Core

With more than 300 training videos and 5 hours of content, this course is best for network engineers who want to increase their skills.


Learn everything about network security and increase your chances to clear your ENARSI 300-401 Certification exam with this course.

Data Center

This covers more than 120 videos recorded by Sikandar Shaik. The content duration is more than 15 hours. Workbooks are available.

VMware Contents

The VCP6-NV certification will validate your skills and knowledge about installing, configuring, and administering different NSX virtual networking implementations.


Learn everything about FortiGate, the next-generation firewall technology, and how to enable security-driven networking under this course.

CCNP CCIE Service Provider

This online training course has more than 250 videos with around 40 hours of content. You will use different software for lab practice.

SVPN 300-730

Under this course, you will find 15 hours of content into more than 120 videos recorded by the triple CCIE certified Sikandar Shaik.

SCOR 350- 701

This online training course has been made by our Sikandar Shaik and contains more than 250 videos with 40 hours of content.

Devnet Associate

This course will help you in understanding the process of developing and maintaining various applications developed on Cisco platforms.

Python for Network Engineers

Learn how to control different routers effectively and how to keep them secure with Python by going through this course.

Explore More About Our Online Courses

Networking is a crucial factor in the global IT industry as well as modern technologies. On the other hand, Cisco has emerged as an undisputed global leader in the field of routing & switching software and hardware. As a professional from the networking field, you will be hard-pressed to spend y our career never having dealt with the different Cisco equipment. After all, Cisco’s equipment is everywhere.

NOA Solutions’ Cisco certification training courses are designed for the candidates as well as networking professionals who want to increase their value and higher levels of responsibilities. With a Cisco certification, you won’t face many issues in getting an excellent job in the field of network and security. And to help you in achieving the certifications, we have designed these courses. Join now and explore everything about the topics that come under the certifications.

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