Devnet Associate

Cisco Devnet Associate 200-901

Obtaining the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification will prove that you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and maintain different applications developed on the Cisco platform. To get the DevNet Associate certification, you need to pass the exam covering the basics of software design and development for the Cisco platforms. Given how popular Cisco technologies in the market, highly trained professionals who have the DevNet Associate are quite valuable in the industry. The covered topics are: 

  • Network fundamentals, IP services, and network components
  • Software development and design, tools, Python programming, and more
  • Understanding and utilizing the APIs, REST APIs, Application Programming Interface, and more. 
  • Cisco Platforms and Development, managing enterprise networking, and more.
  • Infrastructure and automation, model-driven programmability
  • Application deployment and security

Software Development & Designing

Obtaining all the basic knowledge about software development is a perfect start. This will offer the required guide to choose modern software development ways for faster development.

Understanding And Using APIs

This particular section concentrates on the REST APIs. Cisco has different product lines with these APIs for different cases, like listening to events, calling services, and more.

Network Fundamentals

By going through the various sections, you will learn everything about the Cisco network and how different networks work. It’s time to study beyond the basics.

Application deployment and security

This will introduce you to the process of application deployment. You will get to learn about components, micros-services containers, and how to deploy a security measure.

Infrastructure And Automation

Explore different tools to automate different tasks and some speciality and advanced tools for effectively simulating a network for testing, for example, VIRL and PyATS.

Cisco platform and development

This section combines all the essential information related to Cisco’s automation and developer offerings. You will learn some new tips about Cisco platform development.

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