Enterprise Core

CCNP Enterprise Core

To capitalize on advanced networking and security, all networking professionals today need a broader range of skills. This is where the CCNP Enterprise certification program comes to play. This program is designed to let the professionals obtain the skills that are relevant to the consistent changes in the global enterprise network technologies. This training program covers advanced routing, switching, security, troubleshooting, SDN, and more. Our experts have designed this program to help you in clearing your CCNP Enterprise certification. Under this, you will learn some core skills.

  • Configuring the enterprise networks for better performance and high availability
  • Implementing advanced technologies that will make the enterprise network scalable and secure.
  • Deepen your understanding of network automation and visualization.
  • Managing and configuring the secure site, wireless networks, and remote access.
  • Cisco enterprise network core technologies
  • Cisco enterprise advanced routing and services

Training videos are there with easy-to-understand troubleshooting and configuration examples so that you can clearly understand the topic. Besides, you will also get hands experience. Go for it and get ready to be a network professional.

CCNP Enterprise- Things you need to know

The CCNP Enterprise training is an expert-level Cisco training and designed for network engineers. This online training program maps to the Core, ENAUTO objectives, ENARSI, ENSDWI, and other topics, like:

  • Configuring different wired and wireless enterprise networks
  • Implementing multiple security principles for the enterprise networks
  • Overlaying network design with SD-WAN and SD-Access
  • The process of migrating from legacy to SD-WAN.
  • The process to configure EIGRP- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • Replacing and deploying edge devices
  • Integrating APIs as well as programmability
  • Managing security at the enterprise level

To get the most out of this online Cisco CCNP Enterprise training, you must have basic networking skills and knowledge. You should install Packet Tracer or GNS3 application on your PC or laptop to practice it.

For now, NOA Solutions is providing the following courses through video training. For sample videos to know about the quality, you can have a look at our official YouTube channel.

Under this, you will obtain the skills and knowledge required to configure, manage and troubleshoot multiple wireless and wired Cisco enterprise networks. Learn it pass your ENCOR exam.

Here you will get to know about the process to install, configure, operate and fix Cisco enterprise networks as well as advanced routing & infrastructure technologies.

This course is designed to help you in learning how to design, deploy, configure as well as manage Cisco SD-WAN solutions in live networks, including the process of migration from WAN to SD-WAN network.

This exam requires a sufficient level of knowledge and in-depth skills of enterprise design, WAN for enterprise networks, automation, advanced addressing, and routing solutions.

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