IP addressing and subnetting

IP addressing and subnetting

This course is purely focused on IP addressing and subnetting. The training course assumes that all the delegates have some knowledge about IP addressing. Are you interested in learning everything about IP addressing as well as subnetting? Are you an IT professional that requires to better understand how this works? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. This course will help you in understanding the fundamentals of IPv4 and how to carry out a subnetting in an easy way. If you want to learn about IP addressing and subnetting in-depth or want to learn about information technology networking essentials, then this is the ideal course for you. When you go through the course, you will explore: 

  • Downloading and installing Wireshark.
  • Calculating subnet numbers within a few seconds. 
  • Design different IP addressing schemes
  • Calculating CIDR prefixes in a few seconds
  • Troubleshooting IP address problems


By choosing this course, you can enjoy

  • Around 3.5 hours of on-demand video
  • After the completion of the course, we will offer you a certificate of completion
  • You can access the content on TV and smartphones
  • With a one-time investment, you will enjoy access to the content for a lifetime.

What you will learn with this course?

  • The fundamentals of IP address as well as the Subnet mask
  • Understand the IP address classes and why people use them
  • Obtain a solid understanding of the default gateway
  • Introduction to subnetting 
  • About VLSMs- Variable Length Subnet Masks and the process to design a perfect network utilizing VLMS. 
  • Subnetting- VLSM and FLSM
  • Binary math concepts
  • Binary/Decimal conversion
  • The process to create Subnetting based on the Host.
  • The process to develop and configure multiple Subnet masks on different networks. 


  • It will be better for the candidates to knowledge about servers and CCNA. However, this is not mandatory. 
  • All the candidates must have a basic understanding of using different networking devices. 


  • In this course, you will learn by doing as well as watching. It includes carefully and professionally devised follow-along subnetting examples along with exercises.
  • After the completion of the course, you will be able to subnet CLASS A, B, and C networks quickly and easily. 
  • Subnetting is a crucial subject that comes under ICND1, CCNA, and CCENT exam. 
  • Enrol now in IP Addressing and Subnetting course today and get ready to revolutionize your learning.

Who can go for this course?

This course is a good choice for network engineers, designers, project managers, network administrators, and candidates who want to get the CCENT or CCNA certifications.

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