Network Automation & Programmability Foundations

Network Automation & Programmability Foundations

Learn about network programmability, how it varies from automation, and why it is essential. Discover how to use devices and controllers in a software-defined network (SDN).

  • Network Management
  • Network Automation
  • SDN and SDN Controllers
  • Cisco DNA Center
  • Application Programming Interface – API
  • JSON Data Encoding


Network Automation & Programmability Foundations course will prepare you with the basic principles and technologies involved in network automation and programmability, with a particular emphasis on Cisco’s methodology and solution. We’ll give an overview of conventional network management approaches (and their obstacles), then move on to further topics.

  • Common languages & tools and protocols used for automation
  • Overviews of Ansible, Chef, and Puppet
  • Cisco Devnet -SANDBOX for lab practice
  • How SDN provides the ability to separate the Control Plane from the Data Plane? 
  • The imperative and declarative approaches to SDN implementations
  • Introduction to Cisco’s DNA Center solution,
  • Introduction to APIs with emphasis placed on REST APIs,

We currently have the following video training courses available. You can also check out our YouTube channel for some sample videos.

  • Challenges – Traditional Management
  • Types of Network Automation
  • Network Automation – Goals
  • What can be Automated – PART 1
  • What can be Automated – PART 2
  • Impact of Network Automation
  • What is Network Management?
  • Past-Present Methods of Network Management- PART 1
  • Past-Present Methods of Network Management- PART 2
  • SNMP- Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Automation Origination Points
  • SDN – Software Defined Networking
  • SDN Controllers
  • Networks Managed by SDN Controllers
  • API Data Formats
  • JSON Overview
  • JSON Data Types
  • JSON Syntax Rules
  • JSON Data Interpretation
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