Palo Alto

Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity course provides students with the cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise and skills they’ll need to secure their digital lives and train for the many cybersecurity jobs that are currently available.

  • Routing, switching, and IP addressing are all networking topics that students should be familiar with.
  • Palo Alto Security Platform: A Basic Overview
  • Analyze the cybersecurity environment, including attackers, vulnerabilities, and threats.
  • Explain the fundamentals of cryptography, such as encryption.
  • To make better configuration choices, use firewall logs and reports.
  • Set up the firewall to recognise, block, and log threats.

Introduction to Paloallto Technologies

Learn about what is new in Paloalto 8X, its architecture and packet flow in detail

Introduction To Paloalto Hardware

Know more about Small and SMB Firewalls, Medium Hardware Firewalls & ISP and Data center firewalls

Deployment Platforms

Get to know the installation of Paloalto Windows o/s, Configure Lab Setup, and Building own Lab

Basic Configuration

Configure interfaces, virtual router, DHCP, and DNS with the paloalto technologies

Paloalto Configuration Backup

Know how to export the Backup and importing Backup. Also, check the license and Next Gen firewall features along with the steps to upgrade firewall

Basic policy creation Paloalto

Configure Basic policy, policy based on services, protocols, applications, wild masks, region, devices, and unidirectional and bidirectional policies.

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