Python Programming For Network Engineers

Python Programming – for Network Engineers

Duration: 6 weeks (120 min/day)

Price – 200 USD (15,000 INR)

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Python Programming - For Network Engineers

This course is designed for network engineering professionals who want to enhance their creative thought processes and take them to the next level by writing advanced codes. Whether it is developing a framework for shifting traffic off or automating some simple operations tasks, programming is a crucial skill using which network engineers will get the best returns. Choose this course and learn how to write Python by crafting a command-line application that can automate some tasks. This course is based on the latest version of Python. 

  • Automating the network devices configuration using Python
  • Network programmability with Python and GNS3. 
  • The process of leveraging NAPALM for better network automation
  • Using Netmiko for establishing SSH connections to switches and routers.
  • Lear the process of scaling the network-scripts
  • How to use SSH and Telnet for better utilization of Python.

Introduction To Python With Network

Explore how Python works and how you can implement clients as well as servers for connectionless and connection-oriented protocols.

Lab Setup In GNS3

GNS3 is designed to take some level of complexity out of emulating the Cisco environment. Here you will learn the basics of GUI OS and how to set up a lab.

Open IP Addresses Database file in Python

You will learn about the IP address module. Besides, you will learn the process for manipulating and inspecting the IP addresses in Python.

Introduction To Netmiko

Learn how to use Netmiko in the best possible ways to simplify the process of SSH management in different network devices from the vendors like Cisco.


Explore the NAPALM Python library and learn how to implement different functions using this to effectively interact with various network devices utilizing a unified API.

Device Configuration Auditing And Changes With NAPALM

The NAPALM library offers an abstraction layer and makes it relatively easier to configure different vendor devices. Learn the best process to automate the network configurations.

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