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Service Provider

Service Provider certifications is for service provider network engineers, technicians and designers who focus on the latest in Service Provider industry core networking technologies and trends.

These Courses With the ability to configure, implement, and troubleshoot baseline Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation networks.

Service Proivider certified individuals deploy, maintain and improve carrier-grade network infrastructures.

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Service Provider

Over 54 lectures and 14 hours of content!

Section 1: BGP Basics

  • Introduction to BGP
  • BGP options on Internet
  • Understanding BGP neighbors

Section 2: Internal BGP Neighbors

  • LAB : Basic IBGP Neighbors
  • LAB: IBGP neighbors using Loopbacks
  • LAB : BGP Authentication
  • using PeerGroups           
  • Route Reflectors

Section 3: External BGP neighbors

  • LAB : Basic EBGP Configuration
  • Understanding Next-hop-Self
  • EBGP using Loopbacks ( EBGP Multil-hop)
  • Understanding BGP Synchronization Rule

Section 4: BGP Attributes

  • BGP Attributes
  • BGP Attributes : AS-Path , Next Hop, Origin

Section 5: Influencing BGP Route Selection using Weight & Local Preference

  • BGP Attributes : Weight & Local Preference
  • LAB : Weight Attribute
  • LAB : Weight Attribute using Routemaps
  • Understanding IN OUT
  • LAB : Local Preference Attribute
  • LAB : Local Preference Attribute using Routemaps
  • Clearing the BGP Session
  • BGP Route Selection Criteria

Section 6: Influencing BGP Route Selection Using AS-path Preprend & MED

  • Using AS-Path Prepending
  • Understanding Multi Exit Discriminator
  • LAB : Changing the MED with Route-Maps

Section 7: BGP Summarization

  • BGP basic Summarization
  • Aggregation using AS-SET example-1
  • Aggregation using AS-SET example -2
  • Supress-maps
  • Un-Supressmap

Section 8: BGP Communities

  • BGP Communities Introduction
  • BGP Community types
  • LAB : Well Known Communities
  • LAB: Defining own BGP communities

Section 9: Route Filtering in BGP

  • BGP Route Filltering
  • BGP Route Filltering using Access-lists
  • BGP Route Filltering using IP prefix-lists
  • BGP Route Filltering using Route-maps

Section 10: AS-Path Filters

  • BGP Regular expressions
  • AS-Path Filters Part 1
  • AS-Path Filters Part 2

Section 11: BGP Advance Options

  • BGP Dampening
  • LAB : BGP Dampening
  • BGP Confederations
  • LAB : BGP Confederations
  • Route Reflector Clusters
  • Removing Private AS
  • BGP neighbor Local-as 1               
  • BGP neighbor Local-AS 2

Section 12: BGP for IPV6 Networks         

  • IPV6 BGP Introduction
  • Basic IPV6 IBGP And EBGP Configurations
  • IPV6 IBGP Advance Configurations
  • IPV6 EBGP Advance Configurations
  • IPV6 EBGP Advance Configurations (using local preference)
  • Instructor Biography

Course Description

  • MPLS VPN is one the most common technology used by service provider
  • MPLS VPN is the also tested in your CCIE Routing and Switching Version 5 exam.
  • So this course teaches the technology basics to advanced MPLS VPN configuration.
  • Trained by expert dual CCIE certified with 10 + years of training and working experience in production networks.
  • This course covers MPLS concepts with practical scenarios more covered in detail
  • The course focuses on VPN technology issues of MPLS from the Service Providers perspective and how to configure some of those features and functions in an existing routed environment.
  • A basic introductory level of some of the more updated features and functions such as Traffic Engineering, Layer 2VPN are introduced

Over 33 lectures and 8 hours of content!

Section 1: Pre MPLS Concepts ( VPN Fundamentals)

  • MPLS Course Introduction
  • Modern Service Provider Networks ( Introducing VPN)
  • Understanding VPN Models
  • MPLS VPN Overview
  • understanding CEF

Section 2: MPLS Label Distribution

  • MPLS Introduction
  • MPLS labels & Label Stacks
  • Sharing Label Information
  • Configuring MPLS LDP Inside SP Core
  • How Label Forwarding works
  • Penultimate Hop Popping
  • MPLS LDP Troubleshooting

Section 3: MPLS Layer 3 VPN

  • MPLS Layer 3 VPN ( how it works) repeated lecture
  • Steps to Configure MPLS L3 VPN
  • VRF , Route Distinguisher, Route Target
  • Configuring VRF
  • MPLS L3 VPN support for Static / Default routing ( PE CE Routing)
  • VPNV4 Peering between PE routers
  • Redistribution on PE under VRF

Section 4: MPLS L3 VPN with different Routing protocols

  • MPLS L3 VPN support for RIPv2
  • MPLS L3 VPN support for EIGRP
  • MPLS L3 VPN support for OSPF

Section 5: MPLS L3 VPN Advance Options

  • OSPF Super Backbone
  • OSPF Domain ID
  • OSPF Sham Link
  • MPLS L3 VPN support for BGP
  • Overlap VPN part 1
  • Overlap VPN part 2
  • Troubleshooting MPLS L3 VPN

Section 6: Bonus Topics (Overview of CCIE SP topics)

  • Layer 2 VPN
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • IPv6 over MPLS
  • Inter AS MPLS L3 VPN
  • Instructor Biography

Course Description
In recent years, the IS-IS routing protocol has become increasingly popular, with widespread usage among Service Providers a part from OSPF.
Many Cisco Engineers are good with routing protocols ( like OSPF, EIGRP, RIPv2)
ISIS is the protocol majorly used inside Service providers Networks apart from OSPF.
This course will be very handy for anyone who want to master ISIS from basics.
ISIS for IPV4/IPV6 already part of Cisco ( CCNA,CCNP,CCIE ) service Provider Track and even added to new CCIE RS version 5 .

Over 11 lectures and 3 hours of content!

Section 1: ISIS

  • introduction to ISIS
  • Understanding Levels in ISIS
  • understanding NSAP address in ISIS

Section 2: ISIS lab Verfication

  • LAB : Basic ISIS lab
  • ISIS DIS (Designated Intermediate System)
  • LAB : Changing ISIS Levels
  • ISIS Metrics

Section 3: Advance ISIS

  • ISIS Authentication
  • ISIS Route leaking
  • ISIS single Multi topology
  • ISIS Trouble shooting ISIS
  • Instructor Biography