VMware Contents

VMware Contents

VMware offers a robust virtualization platform for all the data centers. We have designed this professional and highly demanding VMware course that will give you complete knowledge of installation, configuration, administration, and management of the VMware VSphere environment. You will understand this technology from the base level to the expertise level, and you will be able to work on the latest VMware VSphere. It has been seen that most organizations are using data center virtualization for costsaving, better server utilization, high availability, best performance, and more. So, almost all organizations are now utilizing VMware virtualization. With the help of this online training course, one can easily achieve the status of VMware Certified Professional. You will learn:

  • How to work with the VMware VSphere administration
  • The process to install and set up the ESXI
  • The process to develop a robust virtual machine
  • Manage VSphere storage, covering iSCSI, vSAN, FCoE, and Fiber Channel
  • Understand and configure the VSphere standard as well as virtual switches
  • Create VMs, work with vApps, manage VMware tools, Snapshot, and cloning.

Understanding Virtual Machines

You will learn everything about virtual machines, including their concepts, hardware configurations, features, disk capacity, memory, CPU power, and more.

Creating Virtual Machines

You will be taught about the process of creating virtual machines and installing the guest operating system. Besides, you will know about the process of installing various VMware tools.

vCenter Server

Here, you will get to know about deploying vCenter server architecture and the process of configuring server applications. Furthermore, our expert will tell us how to add the hosts to the VCSA.

Virtual Machine Management

You will learn how to manage a virtual environment on VSphere by using different VMware tools to maintain a perfect virtual environment.


Our expert will teach you the process of lowering the storage complexity and cost utilizing the VMware VSAN. This is an enterprise-level storage virtualization software that offers the easiest path to hybrid and HCI cloud.

VSphere High Availability

VSphere High Availability offers the required availability that most of the applications need while running in the virtual machines. Besides, it offers cost-effective and uniform protection against OS and hardware outages.

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