Check Point Security Administration R77.30

  • Check Point Security Administration R77 provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary toconfigure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades.
    During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network, upgrading and configuring a Security Gateway and implementing a virtual private network.
    Duration: 15 Days
    Persons attending this course should have general knowledge of TCP/IP, and working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, network technology and the internet.
    Duration - 2 weeks
    Introduction to firewalls 1 Generation and 2nd Gne firewalls

    • Understanding 1 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2 Generation firewalls
    • Understanding 2nd Gen Firewalls and futures
    • Understanding UTM firewalls futures

    Introduction to Checkpoint Technologies

    • What’s new in checkpoint R77.30
    • Checkpoint’s Architecture
    • Implementing 3 tier Architecture of checkpoint

    Deployment Platforms

    • Checkpoint supported platforms
    • Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s
    • Installing Checkpoint on GAiA
    • Configuring checkpoint in standard setup
    • Configuring checkpoint in distributed setup

    Introduction to Security policy

    • Verify SIC establishment between the Security Management Server and the Gateway using Smart Dashboard
    • Creating a basic Rulebase
    • Implicit rules vs Explicit rules
    • Configuring hide NAT
    • Configuring Static NAT
    • Configuring PAT & Port Redirection

    User management & Authentication

    • Configure user & group accounts in checkpoint
    • Configure policies for authentication
    • Local Authentication Methods
    • Configuring user authentication
    • Configuring Session authentication
    • Configuring Client Authentication

    UTM Features

    • Configuring Antivirus blade in checkpoint gateway
    • Verifying Antivirus modules
    • Implementing content filtering
    • Configuring cvp & ufp policies
    • Configuring URL filtering
    • Testing URL filtering

    Advance UTM Features

    • Java & ActiveX based attacks
    • Implementing Java & ActiveX blocking
    • Configuring Application control
    • Using smart event intro for analyzing application traffic

    Checkpoint VPN Introduction

    • Understanding VPN terminology
    • Understanding IKEv2
    • Understanding Phase-1& Phase-2
    • Implementing site-to-site vpn with head office & Branch office


    • Using smart view tracker for Analysing logs
    • Using smartview Monitor for monitoring traffic
    • Using queries in smartview tracker
    • Filtering logs in smartview tracker


    • Monitor remote Gateways using Smart Update
    • Manage New installations
    • license modifications
    • Upgrading Checkpoint  Gw’s & Management server using Smart update