NOA SOLUTIONS on regular basis conducting seminars online to create awareness among students on Jobs opportunities & planning their career.
On few aspects which are must for a candidate to be successful at interview and get in to proper job
Key points Discussed in seminar

    • Problems students face for jobs
    • How to prepare Resume & Interview Skills
    • Job scope in  IT Solutions / non-IT Sectors
    • How to plan career
    • Job roles and responsibilities.
    • L1 /L2/L3 Engineer roles (Network /Security)
    • Managing Technical Skills & Experience

    We are trying hard to provide placements for our students through our corporate network and contacts and job oriented training programs.
    Many of our students have secured jobs in multinational companies in the recent times and we are expecting many more going forward.
    We also having now a dedicated Recruitment Managers who will be in touch with majors HRs and consulting companies to get opening requirement
    We are trying our best to ensure each student get placed in to proper job based on his skills and experience.

Job referral program – NOA

NOA Solutions always looking for some opportunities to help students to achieve their career goals.
We also want to ensure that the strong contacts of most of the students doing advance courses & working at senior level to share any job opportunities & refer if any in their contacts.

We can share the same with our students and helps them to kick start their careers in to networking domain.
We are ready to offer some discount or free training for people who can refer other students (whoever get selected based on skills) in to their company or any.

This will mutually help each other, as Training Company we will be happy to place our students based on their skills, and also help you to advance yourself in to next level training.

Drop me an email  or   or text me on my LinkedIn/Facebook messenger to discuss on opening requirements or for details

NOA Solutions
Sikandar shaik CCIEx3 (RS/SP/SEC)