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CCNP SECURITY - 300-715 Identity Service Engine (ISE)

Duration – 6 Weeks ( 120 hrs/day)

Price – 15,000 INR ( 200 USD )

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Course Content

The Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE) v3.0 course shows you How to deploy and use Cisco@ Identity Services Engine (ISE) v2.6, an identity and access control policy platform that simplifies the delivery of consistent, highly secure access control across wired, wireless, and VPN connections.

This hands-on course provides you with the knowledge and skills to implement and use Cisco ISE, including

  • Policy enforcement,  profiling services,  web authentication  guest access services  BYOD
  • Endpoint compliance services

TACACS+ device administration.
Through expert instruction and hands-on practice, you will learn how to use Cisco ISE to gain visibility into what is happening in your network, streamline security policy management, and contribute to operational efficiency.

AAA - Authentication-Authorization-Accounting

  • AAA- Network Security
  • AAA - Components
  • AAA - Protocols -TACACS- RADIUS
  • AAA - Cisco Authentication Servers

AAA - Authentication

  • AAA Authentication - Device Access
  • Authentication - Local Database
  • AAA - External Servers
  • LAB- Authentication - TACACS

AAA Authorization

  • Authorization - Device Access
  • IOS Privilege Levels
  • LAB -Local Authorization- Privilege Levels
  • IOS Privilege Levels - Limitations
  • Role based CLI Access - RBAC
  • RBAC - Views Types
  • LAB1- RBAC Views
  • LAB2 - Modify RBAC Views
  • LAB3 - RBAC Views
  • LAB4 - RBAC Super Views

Introducing Cisco ISE Architecture and Deployment

  • Using Cisco ISE as a Network Access Policy Engine
  • Cisco ISE Use Cases
  • Describing Cisco ISE Functions
  • Cisco ISE Deployment Models    Context Visibility

Cisco ISE Policy Enforcement

  • Using 802.1X for Wired and Wireless Access
  • Using MAC Authentication Bypass for Wired and Wireless Access
  • Introducing Identity Management
  • Configuring Certificate Services
  • Introducing Cisco ISE Policy
  • Implementing Third-Party Network Access Device Support
  • Introducing Cisco TrustSec
  • TrustSec Configuration
  • Easy Connect

Web Auth and Guest Services

  • Introducing Web Access with Cisco ISE
  • Introducing Guest Access Components
  • Configuring Guest Access Settings
  • Configure Sponsor and Guest Portals

Cisco ISE Profiler

  • Introducing Cisco ISE Profiler
  • Profiling Deployment and Best Practices


  • Introducing the Cisco ISE BYOD Process
  • Describing BYOD Flow
  • Configuring the My Devices Portal
  • Configuring Certificates in BYOD Scenarios

Cisco ISE Endpoint Compliance Services

  • Introducing Endpoint Compliance Services
  • Configuring Client Posture Services and Provisioning

Working with Network Access Devices

  • Review AAA
  • Cisco ISE TACACS+ Device Administration 
  • Configure TACACS+ Device Administration
  • TACACS+ Device Administration Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Migrating from Cisco ACS to Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE Lab Outline:

  • Access the SISE Lab and Install ISE 2.6
  • Configure Initial Cisco ISE Setup, GUI Familiarization, and System Certificate Usage
  • Integrate Cisco ISE with Active Directory
  • Configure Cisco ISE Policy
  • Configure Access Policy for Easy Connect
  • Configure Guest Access
  • Configure Guest Access Operations
  • Create Guest Reports
  • Configure Profiling       
  • Customize the Cisco ISE Profiling Configuration
  • Create Cisco ISE Profiling Reports   
  • Configure BYOD
  • Blacklisting a Device
  • Configure Cisco ISE Compliance Services
  • Configure Client Provisioning
  • Configure Posture Policies
  • Test and Monitor Compliance Based Access
  • Test Compliance Policy
  • Configure Cisco ISE for Basic Device Administration
  • Configure TACACS+ Command Authorization
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