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CCNP DATACENTER – 300-620 ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure)

Duration – 6 Weeks ( 120 hrs/day)

Price – 20,000 INR ( 300 USD )

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Course Content

1.0 ACI Fabric Infrastructure
    1.1 Describe ACI topology and hardware
    1.2 Describe ACI Object Model
    1.3 Utilize faults, event record, and audit log
    1.4 Describe ACI fabric discovery
    1.5 Implement ACI policies

  • 1.5.a access
  • 1.5.b fabric

    1.6 Implement ACI logical constructs

  • 1.6.a tenant
  • 1.6.b application profile
  • 1.6.c VRF
  • 1.6.d bridge domain (unicast routing, Layer 2 unknown hardware proxy, ARP flooding)
  • 1.6.e endpoint groups (EPG)
  • 1.6.f contracts (filter, provider, consumer, reverse port filter, VRF enforced)

2.0 ACI Packet Forwarding
    2.1 Describe endpoint learning
    2.2 Implement server NIC teaming with ACI
    2.3 Describe packet forwarding between leafs (VxLAN)
    2.4 Implement bridge domain configuration knob (unicast routing, Layer 2 unknown
hardware proxy, ARP flooding)
    2.5 Implement endpoint learning optimizations (local/remote endpoint, limit IP subnet,
enforce subnet check, IP dataplane leaning option in VRF, loop detection, and rogue EP)

3.0 Advanced ACI Policies and Integrations
    3.1 Implement Layer 3 out transit routing
    3.2 Utilize common tenant
    3.3 Implement VRF route leaking
    3.4 Implement Layer 3 out VRF route leaking
    3.5 Implement contracts (pcTag, global pcTab, contract priorities, taboo, and deny filter)
    3.6 Implement Layer 4 through Layer 7 PBR (including use cases)

4.0 Traditional network with ACI
    4.1 Describe network-centric and application-centric designs
    4.2 Describe STP BPDU handling in ACI (FD-VNID and VLAN pool consideration)
    4.3 Describe migration considerations

5.0 External Network Connectivity
    5.1 Implement Layer 2 out (STP/MCP basics)
    5.2 Implement Layer 3 out (excludes transit routing and VRF route leaking)

6.0 Integrations
    6.1 Implement VMware vCenter DVS integration
    6.2 Describe resolution immediacy in VMM
    6.3 Implement service graph (managed and unmanaged)

7.0 ACI Management
    7.1 Implement out-of-band and in-band
    7.2 Utilize syslog and snmp services
    7.3 Implement configuration backup (snapshot/config import export)
    7.4 Implement AAA and RBAC
    7.5 Configure an upgrade

8.0 ACI Anywhere
A.0 Describe multipod

  • A.1 Multipod
  • A.2 Implement IPN
  • A.3 Describe packet flow between pods
  • A.4 Describe firewall and load balancer design with multipod
  • A.5 Implement service graph with multipod

B.0 Describe multisite

  • B.1 Multisite
  • B.2 Implement Multi-Site Orchestrator
  • B.3 Implement ISN
  • B.4 Describe stretched component options
  • B.5 Describe communication across sites
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