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Cisco Ansible- Automating networks

Duration: 6 weeks (120 min/day)

Price – 200 USD (15,000 INR)

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Course Content

Network Automation with Ansible:

  • Understanding of Traditional Network vs Intent-Based Network
  • Leveraging the DevOps Tools for Networking
  • Revolution of Networking with Configuration Mgmt. Tools
  • Introducing the DevOps Config. Mgmt. Tool Ansible
  • Understanding of an API
  • Understanding of Data Formats
  • Understanding of Markup Language YAML
  • Setup an Environment
  • Lab Setup
  • Downloading an Ansible
  • Installation of Ansible
  • Understanding of Ansible environment
  • Setting up an Inventory
  • Configuration of Default Ansible Config. file
  • Testing an Environment
  • Understanding of Tasks, Plays, & Playbook
  • Creating of First Playbook
  • Configure RIP, OSPF through playbook
  • Fatching Routing Configuration through playbook
  • Get Backup of Nodes
  • Troubleshooting of Ansible
  • Introducing of DevBox/NetBox
  • Introducing DevNet
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