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Microsoft Certified Engineer ( MCSE 2016)

Duration –5Weeks ( 120 hrs/day)

Price – 10,000 INR ( 150 USD )

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Course Content


  • The MCSE Server Infrastructure certification allows professionals to swiftly respond to changing requirements of an enterprise's IT infrastructure.
  • In today’s rapidly changing IT marketplace, Microsoft Certifications are designed to help the IT professional to utilize advanced technologies, fine tune troubleshooting skills and improve job satisfaction.
  • This course offers Essential skills required to design and develop comprehensive server infrastructure solutions.
  • Participants enrolled for this course gain expertise in core concepts of storage, networking, virtualization, systems management, and identity management.
  • A certification from Microsoft also confirms your demonstrated experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions.
  • Course Mode – Online / Classroom
  • Course Duration:
    • Regualar ( 5- 6 weeks)
    • Weekends (6 -8 Weekends) every Saturday & Sunday

This course is developed for IT professionals who need to design, plan, implement, manage and support Microsoft Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016 networks or who plan to take the related MCSE and MCSA exams.
The training will be given by Senior System/Network engineers with several years of field exp
Operating System

  • Introduction to Server 2016 Operating system
  • History of Server Operating System
  • Editions of Windows Server 2016
  • Requirements to install Windows Server 2016
  • Installing Windows Server 2016 Operating System
  • Upgrading Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016
  • Introduction to Nano Server

Active Directory Domain Services

  • IP Addressing (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Introduction to Active Directory
  • Features of Active Directory
  • Installing Active Directory Domain Controller

Clients, Member Servers, User Management

  • Configuring Clients & Member Servers
  • Creating Users in ADDS
  • Password Policies
  • Account Lockout Policies
  • Allow Log On Locally
  • User Properties
  • Kerberos Policies

   User Accounts

  • Creating local User Accounts
  • Creating Domain User Accounts

    Share folder

  • Creating share folder
  • Accessing share folder
  • Configuring Offline Files in Client


  • Configuring Local Profiles
  • Configuring Roaming Profiles
  • Configuring Mandatory Profiles
  • Configuring Home Folder

Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Types of Hypervisors
  • Virtualization using Hyper-V
  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Virtual Hard Disks
  • Configuring Virtual Switches

 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • Installing DHCP Service
  • Authorizing DHCP Service
  • Creating a Scopes
  • Creating DHCP Reservations
  • DHCP Server Backup and Restore
  • DHCP Failover on ip v4

 Internet Information Services (IIS) - Web Server

  • Installing Internet Information Service - Web Server
  • Creating a Website
  • DNS Configuration for the Website
  • Creating Virtual Directory
  • Configuring redirection of Websites

 Internet Information Services (IIS) - Ftp Server

  • Installing Internet Information Service - FTP Server
  • Creating do not isolate User FTP Site
  • Accessing the FTP site from the Client systems

 Domain Naming System (DNS)

  • Introduction to DNS
  • DNS Naming Hierarchy
  • Types of Lookups
  • Types of Zones
  • Types of DNS Records
  • Forwarders

   Windows Server Backup and Recovery

  • Installing Windows Server Backup
  • Configuring schedule backup
  • Configuring backup once
  • How to Recover the Data from Backup File

      Windows Server 2016 Server – Core

  • Introduction to Windows 2016 Server Core
  • Installing and Configuring Windows 2016 Server Core

      Windows Deployment Services WDS

  • Introduction to Windows Deployment Services
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services
  • Adding Windows Boot Images and Install images to WDS Server

      Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  • Introduction & Configuration of WSUS

Structures of Active Directory

  • Configuring Additional Domain Controller
  • Tree Structure – Child Domain
  • Forest Structure – Tree Domain

Operation Masters

  • Transferring Operation Masters
  • Seizing Operation Master
  • Migrating Operation Masters from

Active Directory Trust

  • Introduction to Active Directory Trust Relationship
  • Categories, Directions & Types of Trusts
  • Functional Levels
  • Configuring Forest Trusts
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin

Read Only Domain Controller & Sites

  • Active Directory Partitions
  • Configuring Global Catalog Servers
  • Configuring Sites, Site links
  • Configuring RODC

Routing & Remote Access Services(RRAS)

  • Configuring Static Routes
  • NAT, DHCP Relay Agent
  • VPN & Direct Access

Disk Management

  • Introduction to Storage
  • Types of Storages
  • Creating Primary Partitions
  • Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk
  • Creating Simple Volume
  • Creating Spanned Volume
  • Creating Striped Volume
  • Creating Mirrored Volume
  • -Creating RAID-5 Volume

AD Federation Services (AD-FS)
AD Lightweight Directory Services (AD-LDS)
AD Rights Management Services (AD-RMS)
& AD Certificate Services (AD-CS)

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